It is aesthetic tattooing of the hair part of the head and it is called Eniom Orsinim.

Tricopigmentation is applied to problems related to baldness or when general scars are present. One of the basic techniques of this area is called Bounce; it is a working system that is able to create shaved realistic effect with less probability of colour changes and instability of the colour. These disadvantages are actually common in case of the old working methods, where they did not take into account some of the important facts, and therefore, they could jeopardise the final result. Tricopigmentation provides Realistic and natural effect owing to the presence of point-like deposits of brown and grey pigment applied in the upper skin layer in suitable distance from each other. Hereby, the effect of shaved hair is created, or making the thinner areas look darker depending on application of the techniques used.



Bio-absorbent Tricopigmentation

When dermopigmentation is performed using bio-absorbent pigments, its durability ranges starting from 4 to 6 months up to 14 to 16 months. The durability time span is very much individual and may not be in any case determined in advance when it will absolutely vanish as its durability is highly subjective. Good results of covering will be achieved after two treatments with a time span of 40 to 60 days, even if in individual cases, it is possible to achieve a satisfactory effect even with one treatment. The first treatment may have a variable length of implementation depending on the performed work from two to 8 hours of work. The application of using bio-absorbent colours is certainly the MOST rational and sensible choice of how to do it. The possibility of “annual” reassessment of one's decisions makes tricopigmentation ideal for all those who do not want to give up their fresh changeover.


Definite tricopigmentation

The using of definite pigments attracts most of the people, who do not realise the effect of all the problems related to hair. The strategy of covering by definite Tricopigmentation is the same as the one used with bio-absorbent pigments and it is completed with two sessions with a time span of 40 to 60 days. Despite this fact, nothing remains unchanged in nature and it may happen that certain shades will change in direction to other colour tones. In such case follow-up improvement sessions are required with the most suitable balanced chromatic components. The performing of aesthetic tattooing on the healthy skin rich in hair has no negative effect on the normal growth of the actual hair, in other words (if the tattooing is correctly performed) it does not damage the existing hair. Tattooing in the area without hair has no effect whatsoever and does not endanger performing of a possible future transplantation.




Vytváram nerozoznateľnú podobu vlasov pomocou techniky trikopigmentácie. Ak vám už vlasy vypadali ešte nie je všetko stratené. Môžem vám vytvoriť zdanlivo existujúce vlasy ktoré sa podobajú na nerozoznanie od pravých. Umelecké techniky tetovania na rôzne druhy Alopécie (plešatosti) podľa dĺžky vlasov, doslova šité na mieru.
Cena sa posudzuje podľa rozsahu,  typu a dlžky vlasov.
Je rozdelená na:

1. Hair line                600,- €

2. Mid scalp              300,- €

3. Vertex                   200,- €

4. Corona                 200,- €          

o 6 mesiacov kontrola, prípadná korekcia  cena 250,- €

o 7- až 18 mesiacov                                                400,- €

Konzultácia v pripade zákroku je cena zarátaná. Som vám k dispozícii o odboré rady alebo posúdenie vášho prípadu a budem sa snažiť o  najvhodnejší postup alebo riesenie a to samostatne pre každého klienta osobite.